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July 2, 2021
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Traveling to Belize – COVID-19 Updates

If you’re ready to escape your home and relax on the beautiful beaches, explore the Mayan ruins, or take a dive underwater with an unforgettable scuba experience, Belize is prepared to welcome you. As one of Central America’s most prominent tourist destinations, Belize now only requires either proof of vaccination at least two weeks before arrival or a negative COVID-19 test for international visitors. 

In addition to the vaccine and COVID testing requirements, a few other restrictions remain in place for those who are not Belizean citizens or residents. 

COVID-19 testing

Visitors may be required to submit to a COVID-19 test upon arrival, and those who test positive will be required to quarantine. As of right now, masks are still needed in public, and all tours and activities are restricted to those organized by designated hotels. 

Hotel restrictions

International tourists must stay at one of the country’s hotels or resorts that have earned the Belize Tourism Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition. This certification means the hotel has committed to following strict cleanliness guidelines, provides secure transportation to and from the airport, and offers an on-site dining experience. 

While international travel can still feel daunting right now and require a great deal of planning and patience, it’s a great sign that popular destinations continue to evolve and adjust the guidelines as the pandemic eases. As with most international travel, it’s always helpful to consult the experts and have an experienced travel guide on your side. Biirdee can help you arrange business class and first-class air travel to Belize. Get your quote and save now: