Delhi – Old or New?

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July 7, 2021
Maldives The Top Destination
July 7, 2021

The political and cultural hub of India, Delhi consists of two different areas, Old Delhi and New Delhi. As the capital of the North of India, naturally, there are plenty of opportunities for tourists to get their fill of cultural and historical experiences.

The Best Places To Visit

For the budding tourists or anyone heading to Delhi on vacation, there are so many places to go to. From temples to parks, and monuments to museums, you won’t ever get bored! The India Gate Monument gives you one of the most essential images to see, it’s recommended that you go during the evening. The Jantar Mantar observatory gives you the opportunity to admire the science of Indian astronomy. Unfortunately, the instruments cannot be used, but this doesn’t stop you marveling at the sheer scale of the location.  If you want something a little less grandiose and a bit more tranquil, Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri gives you the opportunity to sightsee some of the most beautifully landscaped greenery. You can also attend one of the Spic Macey concerts or head there during the annual bhakti festival to get up close and personal with the different cultures from all over India.

Traveling Around Delhi

It depends on how you want to get around, and how authentic you want the experience to be. You can go via rickshaw. Cycle rickshaws are the most practical option, especially in the congested areas, but you can also get an auto rickshaw or even an e-rickshaw! You can also get into a cab if you want a little bit more privacy. But if you want to travel with the locals, you can either go for the Delhi Transport Corporation buses, giving that opportunity to hop around for cheap, or you can get on the Delhi metro. You can purchase a token or a smart card, costing around ₹300, and as the metro comes roughly every 5 minutes, you can get anywhere with relative ease.

Filling Your Delhi Belly

Yes, you may associate Delhi with “Delhi belly”, that unfortunate side effect if you drink the water, but filling your belly is the real way to get up close and personal with the natives. If you have no interest in the rich history, but the food is what you are really craving, there’s so much variety. It can be so easy to assume the Delhi has an abundance of curries, and you aren’t wrong! But with dishes like butter chicken, biryani, and even the sweet dishes like kulfis, there is plenty to satisfy your taste buds.

Some Handy Hints

Apart from the aforementioned “Delhi belly”, in addition to drinking bottled water, be sure you have a can of bug spray on you. As it can get pretty hot pretty quickly, be sure to dress comfortably, and modestly. And if you can’t bear the sunshine, visit Delhi in the winter. Between November and March, the morning times provides a cooling breeze where you can sit at one of the many teahouses, and remember to take some toilet paper with you. Not every bathroom in India has them!