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July 5, 2021
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July 5, 2021

Known for its friendly LGBTQ community, modern lifestyle and upscale restaurants, Tel Aviv has quickly become a Middle-Eastern gem that warrants exploration. So if you’re planning on a visit to this part of the world in the future, here’s what you need to know about Tel Aviv.

Reasons to Visit Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an absolute jewel of a city that deserves your attention, but here’s a couple of solid reasons why you should visit.

  1. There are long, beautiful sandy beaches that are absolutely perfect whether you’re a sun-seeker or love water sports. There are literally miles worth of beaches and it caters to both mature and younger hip audiences.
  2. Tel Aviv is an art and culture hotspot thanks to all the exhibits, museums and galleries to explore. In addition, the city itself is a beautiful sight to behold with traditional stone architecture and lush green landscapes.
  3. Since it’s right next to the Mediterranean Sea, you’re guaranteed to get some delicious fresh seafood in almost every restaurant. Whether it’s a trendy street food stand or a traditional sit-down restaurant, there are plenty of choices here in Tel Aviv.
  4. If you’re in the mood for shopping then there are several large shopping centers that are ideal for browsing. With food courts, luxury brands and flea markets, there’s no shortage of fun to be had for shoppers.

Attractions in Tel Aviv

For starters, The Old City is a must-visit spot thanks to the art galleries and hip dining locations. Filled with narrow alleys, beautiful stone architecture and flea markets, it’s a cultural experience like no other. If you love browsing markets, then don’t miss out on Carmel Market or Jaffa’s Flea Market where you can pick up some eclectic clothing, home goods and antiques. Lastly, we can’t forget about Neve Tzedek, a picturesque neighborhood that is often considered a major cultural landmark. With several iconic buildings in the area such as the Rubinstein Art Museum, it’s a fantastic place to stroll through if you’re visiting Tel Aviv.

Food in Tel Aviv

If you’re visiting Tel Aviv then you absolutely need to try the traditional hummus. It’s easily one of the most popular dishes in Israeli cuisine and it goes perfectly with hot pitta bread. Falafel is also incredibly popular and it’s done best here in Tel Aviv. For something more unique to Tel Aviv, there’s a meatball and sweet potatoes dish and a well-known breakfast dish called shakshuka.

Staying in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has its fair share of hotels, Airbnb and budget accommodation options, making it a very accessible place to visit.

Tel Aviv Travel Tips

If you’re planning on visiting Tel Aviv soon, then here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind.

  • Food can be quite expensive in Tel Aviv, so look for budget eats to save money or consider packing a bit of extra money.
  • Tel Aviv is very friendly to the LGBTQ community, so don’t be surprised if you’re approached by someone of the same sex while out partying.
  • The best time to visit Tel Aviv would be either spring or fall because the summer period can get extremely hot and humid which may be uncomfortable if you’re not used to the heat.