How to Find the Best Local Foodie Spots

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June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021

How to Find the Best Local Foodie Spots

When you are travelling and you are a foodie, you want to find the best food spots. Finding delicious local food may initially seem difficult, but it shouldn’t feel that way. Whether you are on the hunt for an indulgent pizza in Italy, decadent paella in Spain or a tempting tostada in Mexico here’s some tips on how to discover the most mouth-watering local foodie spots no matter where you are in the world.

Read reviews by locals
Head onto Google and search for reviews by local food bloggers. The perfect way to research before you travel, you can see a delightful mix of hidden treasures, what people really think of the expensive restaurants (are they really worth the price tag?) and other foodie secrets. Pair this with researching the top-rated restaurants in the location you’re in and you can create a list of places to go, whether you are craving a quick bite or a more formal dining experience.

Download food and drink apps

A 21st Century guide, there are many apps that you can download to help you decide where to eat whilst travelling. One app that can show you reviews/tips from locals that eat in the restaurants a lot is Foursquare. If you’re looking for a more personal dining experience, Eatwith connects people together through their love of food. You will get to visit a range of local hosts (both in small venues and in their own homes) and they will cook a traditional meal for you. Available in over 130 countries, it’s ideal for those wanting to fully immerse themselves into the countries culture. Alternatively, Vayable can offer tours, taking you across the location hosted by professional guides, showing you the best local restaurants and things to do there.

See if the restaurant is busy

This may go without saying, but when you are searching for the most popular local foodie spots, it’s a good idea to look at how busy the restaurant is in person. By walking past it at peak times, you can gage if a lot of people are dining within it and if there is a line outside. If it seems empty, it may not be the one to try.

Ask the locals

Paired with reading reviews by locals, by asking locals when you are travelling across the country, you can discover where is best to eat and restaurants that are less commercial. This is perfect for those looking to try more traditional dishes, avoiding the more common chain restaurants.

Go a little off the beaten track

As long as you aren’t going anywhere that isn’t safe, by trying a restaurant that isn’t in the center of the city, you can discover new flavors and restaurants that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. Restaurants within the center of a town or city also tend to be more expensive and a lot busier, which isn’t ideal for those sticking to a budget or those wanting to indulge in a quiet meal.