How to Plan a Romantic Trip on a Budget

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July 2, 2021
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July 5, 2021

Do you ever look at your significant other and wonder to yourself how you got so lucky? Do you ever stop to think how great it is that you’ve found true love? In today’s hectic and fast paced world, it’s easy for couples to take one another for granted, which is why romantic gestures of all shapes and sizes are so important. If you’ve been meaning to whisk your loved one away somewhere romantic, but worry that your budget might not stretch to a full-blown romantic overseas vacation, there’s good news. Getting away, even to a far-flung romantic retreat abroad, needn’t cost a fortune.

We’ve compiled this list of helpful tips for the romantic and thrifty for a stunning romantic trip on a budget.

Go outside the obvious

Paris, Rome, Venice, London and the like are all great romantic getaway spots, but you can expect to pay a premium to stay there. If you’d rather enjoy your time together than spend every moment wondering where you can afford to eat, consider a more affordable (but no less romantic) vacation spot like Quebec City, Puerto Rico, Prague, or the surprisingly affordable honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls.

Go self-catering

Of course, fine dining is a part of your romantic getaway experience. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that a Michelin starred restaurant is the only way to get it. If you’re a confident cook, you can save a small fortune by renting a hotel room or apartment with a kitchen and sourcing sumptuous local ingredients and carefully chosen local wines to create culinary delights for your partner. Sounds like the essence of romance on a budget to us!

Go outdoors

Think that camping isn’t romantic? Think again! What could be more romantic than laying your heads down at night and gazing up at the stars? What could be more intimate than being alone in the splendorous backdrop of nature? Or better yet, a stay in a log cabin where you get to cuddle up beside a roaring fire every night. If you want to focus all of your time and attention on each other, a romantic getaway somewhere surrounded by nature is a great way to do it.

Go all-inclusive

Booking self-catering is great if you intend to do a little cooking for your significant other. However, you may find that going all-inclusive saves you more money in the long term. When you book a stay in an all-inclusive hotel or even a cruise (you’d be surprised how affordable cruises can be), you can make significant savings on food and drink by dining at the hotel and making the most of the amenities that are included in the price of your stay.

Go local

Sure, the familiarity of chain restaurants is appealing (especially when in unfamiliar climes) but you may well find that your romantic meal at a family owned local restaurant actually works out a lot cheaper. Before you jet away, take some time to search for local restaurants and bars and get a rough idea of prices. The better able you are to budget, the better able you are to balance romance with thrift.

Needless to say, we’ll do all we can to help you to plan a gorgeous vacation that won’t break the bank. Contact a Biirdee travel consultant today to plan your next trip!