How to Travel Wrinkle Free

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July 2, 2021
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Looking good on your business trips is essential. You need to present yourself well, especially if you’re meeting people for the first time. When you’re attending meetings, you might be in a suit, or other formal office clothes to present the best image of yourself. Men will at least want to wear a formal shirt and tie, while women should have a smart top paired with a formal skirt or pants. When you choose your clothes for your meetings, you should also think about how to keep your clothes wrinkle-free while you travel. The right outfit and a few other tricks can help you out.

Take a Garment Bag for Your Suit

Do you need to change into your suit as soon as you arrive at your destination? You might not want to travel while wearing your suit, but perhaps you don’t have time to iron it when you arrive. If you’re planning a quick change before your meeting begins, a garment bag might be the best option you have. It will keep your suit flat as you travel, although it can feel a little awkward to carry. However, you should check the rules for whether your bag will count as a carry-on if you carry it separately. It might be a good idea to fold your bag in half once, and put it in your main luggage.

Pack the Right Clothes

Selecting the right clothes for your business trip can also make a big difference. To keep your outfits wrinkle-free, you should choose clothes that don’t tend to wrinkle. There are plenty of materials that don’t wrinkle much, or that are easy to shake out if they do get a few creases. Some of the fabrics that won’t wrinkle too much include jersey, wool, knits, cashmere, and many fabrics with a bit of stretch to them, such as Spandex or Lycra. Of course, typical work items like shirts are usually not made with these fabrics, so you should pack carefully too.

Pack Carefully

The right tactics when you’re packing should help you to keep your clothes free of wrinkles. Folding and rolling can help to keep your clothes smart, instead of just dropping them into your suitcase. Bundle wrapping is also a good technique for preventing wrinkles. It involves wrapping your clothes in each other, with the most delicate items on the outside. Try to pack lightly too, and use tissue paper or dry cleaner bags to help cut down on friction.

Quickly Deal with Wrinkles

It’s not always possible to avoid wrinkles completely. But if you have some smart methods to deal with wrinkles in your clothes quickly, you can ensure you always look your best. A travel iron or travel steamer is a good item to pack, although most hotels will have irons available. You can also hang your clothes near the shower so that the steam helps to take out the wrinkles if you’re desperate. Try to hang your clothes when you arrive at your destination to avoid wrinkles too.

When you go on your next business trip, think about how to keep wrinkles out of your clothes so you can be presentable at all times.