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June 29, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Traveling to Israel – COVID-19 Updates

Israel is a country in the Middle East situated on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and on the northern shore of the Red Sea. Its capital city is Tel Aviv which is the beating heart of the country, while it is governed from its unofficial capital Jerusalem. 

Israel might not sound like the best place to visit for a holiday but it is home to some incredible culture and ancient paleontological sites – not to mention some excellent food and weather. When you visit Israel you will want to visit the Dead Sea, The City or Mysterious Charms, Jerusalem, and the Port at Tel Aviv. 

Covid 19 Summary 

In March 2020 the Israel authorities decided to close the doors to foreign tourists and travellers. That included all US citizens. These restrictions have remained in place for the best part of a year as the covid pandemic unfolds. It wasn’t until April 2021 that Israel relaxed its restrictions vary slightly. 

In spring 2021 Israel decided to allow foreigners into the country providing they have been fully vaccinated and they fulfil certain criteria. Those who qualify must have Israeli family members or require entry into the country for emergency reasons. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include most tourists wanting to enjoy the weather and ancient landscape. 

Travel Reforms 

There is still much uncertainty around the Covid 19 pandemic, the vaccine has offered some promise of a swift end to restrictions but the scientific experts proclaim it is a race against the mutating virus and at the moment the virus is a tiny bit ahead. Despite the emergence of the Indian strain, however, there is still promise. 

Vaccinations are now rolling out worldwide in multiple doses so there is a strong chance of protecting people from the worst effects of the virus and preventing it from spreading any further. The Israel authorities are looking to open the country up to tourism again but the Israel-Palestine conflict is another contentious obstacle. 

Lockdown Uncertainty 

The progress of the virus has been hard to predict and control the number of cases that have required lockdown of various kinds. In some countries, easing lockdown has resulted in a spike of cases while others have had somewhat more success and have been able to create travel bubbles and corridors. 

In January 2021 Israel went into a lockdown to the number of Covid cases while they rolled out an extensive vaccination program. The lockdown was then lifted in February. Following this, the authorities banned flights from UK, Denmark, and South Africa after the emergence of a covid variant but limited flights are not allowed. 

Future Travel 

There will be no fast-acting cure for coronavirus travel restrictions. The chances are that restrictions will stay in place for the foreseeable and open up gradually and the vaccination programs start to take effect. That’s good news and bad news. But as more countries mark themselves safe from covid travel corridors will open up allowing tourists back to places like Israel, to book first-class or business class tickets for your post covid holiday get a quote from Biirdee and save now: