Kazakhstan – COVID 19 Travel Updates

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June 29, 2021
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Traveling to Kazakhstan – COVID-19 Updates

Kazakhstan is a land-locked country mostly located in central Asia. It shares a land border and many cultural similarities to Russia, but also borders China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan

Kazakhstan is known for its three quite amazing world heritage sites, those being a world-famous birdwatching location, the Saryarka plains, and Tamgaly, known for its historical relevance and ancient rock carvings.

Of course, as Covid-19 travel restrictions have been put in place to varying degrees the world over, it’s essential to know just how Kazakhstan has implemented COVID travel guidance and limits. 

Traveling to Kazakhstan after COVID-19:

Kazakhstan is currently only allowing flights from South Korea, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UAE, China, Russia and Azerbaijan. However, US citizens are limited except in very unique cases, with tourism totally restricted until later notice. Kazakhstan has been listed as a Level 4 Covid classification by the US State Department, the maximum designation, meaning ‘do not travel.’

If you are able to travel via the few appropriate circumstances and have been approved for doing so, you will need to pass a negative Covid test and depart for the country within 72 hours of that. 

Finding Travel to Kazakhstan

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