Lebanon – COVID 19 Travel Updates

Qatar – COVID 19 Travel Updates
June 25, 2021
Kuwait – COVID 19 Travel Updates
June 26, 2021

Traveling to Lebanon – COVID-19 Updates

Qatar’s authorities have worked hand in hand with the national and global authorities to ensure that current advice and guidance on coronavirus are implemented. Like many other countries, Qatar has implemented some restrictions like;

  • Reduced numbers in crowds
  • Capacity restrictions in shopping areas and restaurants
  • Closure of gyms and playgrounds in public areas
  • Restricted capacity in worship places among many others
International COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

At first, Qatar was not open for visitors, but it remained open for transit flights.

Only a few non-Qatar citizens can enter Qatar under particular circumstances, but not for tourism and recreational purposes. If you are a traveler from a high-risk country, you will need to present a negative PCR test taken within three days of travel.

Furthermore, you will have to quarantine in a hotel you will book using a Qatar booking website for at least a week upon arrival and take another test afterward. If the negative result persists, you will be free to finish the remaining quarantine days at your home or chosen destination.

Presenting a negative COVID-19 test taken 3days prior is a requirement before leaving Qatar. This applies to individuals above two years. You can also present a documented proof of recovery from coronavirus within the previous 90 days.

Domestic Restrictions

 Qatar has limited public transport services where the maximum number of people in a vehicle is four if they are not family members. Occasionally, the authorities might stop you from inspecting if you are adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.


Qatar residents and citizens can travel as long as they follow the COVID-19 guidelines. You must know the restrictions in the country you want to visit.

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