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June 28, 2021
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Traveling to Philippines – COVID-19 Updates

Singapore, known as the Republic of Singapore, is a beautiful island city-state in Southeast Asia.

It’s known as being a clean, beautiful Asian city that still echoes the cultural influence of its colonial days under British rule, but has since developed its own engaging identity with some of the statistically happiest people in the world.

Singapore has a population of around 5.7 million, mostly consisting of Chinese, Malay and Indian backgrounds. That said, the city-state has many beautiful cultures that occupy it, and is known to be somewhat diverse from an ethnic standpoint.

Expats from all over the world list Singapore as one of their most sought-after living areas, as it’s widely known as one of the best areas for tourists to settle in and integrate within. 

The main religions in Singapore are Buddhism and Islam, but there’s also a large Christian, Hindu and Tao demographical makeup too.

Of course, as Covid-19 travel restrictions have been put in place to varying degrees the world over, it’s essential to know just how Singapore has implemented COVID travel guidance and limits. In this post, we’ll give you the necessary updates worth keeping in mind:

Traveling to Singapore after COVID-19:

Singapore has closed its borders to tourism and short-term visitors for the most part, including US nationals unless they are registered as dual citizens. Other exemptions include long-term pass holders with specific government approval.

Singapore has taken a novel approach to keep free trade and business moving within its borders, creating ‘Safe Travel Lanes’ that allow for many areas of note to be accessed without deviating from the official course. However, on May 14 2021, restrictions were put back in place, which meant work from home orders and indoor events and dining were cancelled until further notice.

Like many countries, approved travel is only permitted upon the successful completion of a negative COVID-19 test, from which you have 72 hours to depart for the country. Upon arrival, you’ll be expected to quarantine for two weeks. Additionally, you must have $30,000 worth of travel insurance, a unique requisite designed to lessen the financial strain on their healthcare system.

The US State Department has classified Singapore as a Level 2 – increased caution status for Singapore. This means that while travel is not actively discouraged, you should consider if your trip is essential or not, and remain cautious while there. Of course, this doesn’t override official Singapore restrictions however, and so this travel advice only applies to those people who are approved there.

Finding Travel to Singapore

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