Reasons to Visit New Zealand

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New Zealand is a destination that has already made it to many bucket lists, but have you ever wondered what makes it such a magical destination for a break away from home? With beautiful landscapes, an exciting cultural background and incredibly welcoming hospitality, you can’t go wrong with a holiday to New Zealand. Here’s what you need to know about this gem of a vacation destination.

Reasons to Visit New Zealand

There’s plenty of good reasons to give New Zealand a try but here are the most compelling ones.

  1. If you’re a wine lover then New Zealand has some of the world’s most renowned vineyards thanks to the climate and soil diversity.
  2. Locals in New Zealand are incredibly friendly. They’re incredibly polite and offer fantastic hospitality, making it a good choice for a holiday.
  3. New Zealand is also a safe country to visit, making it fantastic for solo travel or small groups.
  4. Thanks to the incredible landscape, there are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to take part in such as caving, skydiving, kayaking and bungee jumping.
  5. There are many local festivals such as Chinese New Year, jazz festivals and winter celebrations to take part in all year round.
  6. New Zealand takes pride in its indigenous culture, making it a great place to expose yourself to the Maori way, its heritage and history.

Attractions in New Zealand

Many of New Zealand’s attractions are as raw and natural as you can get. For instance, the Fiordland National Park is a world heritage site that protects some of the most breathtaking scenery that you’ll find in the entire world. Likewise, Queensland is a capital full of adrenaline-filled activities like paragliding, rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking and downhill skiing. If you’re looking for something a little more modern then Napier is famous for its diverse cuisine and contemporary architecture. We also can’t forget Kaikoura, a hotspot for whale, seal and dolphin spotting.

Food in New Zealand

New Zealand has plenty of unique food items for you to dive into. Whether it’s the fresh local seafood such as crayfish or delicious traditional Maori food such as hangi (slow-cooked vegetables and meat), there are plenty of new things to try. However, if you’re looking for comfort food, then fish and chips or New Zealand pies are a must-try!

Staying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic place for backpackers thanks to cheap and accessible accommodation, but there is also a range of mid to high-end hotels that are fantastic places to stay in. You’ll also find plenty of Airbnb rentals, so there’s no shortage of accommodation at different price points.

New Zealand Travel Tips

If it’s going to be your first time in New Zealand then here are some useful tips to know.

  • Embrace nature in New Zealand! Much of the country is made up of beautifully preserved land, so do take advantage by going out on tours and hiking across the beautiful wilderness.
  • Bring sunscreen especially during the summer! It can get extremely hot in New Zealand so you want to be prepared.
  • Although friendly, the locals can also be sarcastic and usually have a great sense of humour so try not to take things too seriously.