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Traveling to South Korea – COVID-19 Updates

South Korea is quickly becoming known as one of the cultural capitals of the world. As k-pop music is now rife and appealing to people the world over, as well as excellent food, interesting history and fantastic technological innovation becoming known and appreciated, it’s no surprise that you may wish to travel to this wonderful country as soon as you can.

Around 25 million people (roughly half of the country’s population!) lives near the Seoul capital area, which goes to show just how quickly the country is urbanizing. South Korea is a developed country with the tenth-largest economy by nominal GDP, and the fifth-largest exporter of goods in the world.

Of course, as Covid-19 travel restrictions have been put in place to varying degrees the world over, it’s essential to know just how South Korea has implemented COVID travel guidance and limits. In this post, we’ll give you the necessary updates worth keeping in mind:

Traveling to South Korea after COVID-19:

It’s possible to travel to South Korea at the moment, as the country is now open to tourists and visitors on short-term visits. However, they require a two-week quarantine period as mandatory when arriving, meaning that most tourists will consider waiting so as not to incur unnecessary accommodation expenses and wasted travel time.

As of January 8th 2021, and much like other countries, travel to South Korea is only permitted to those who test negative for Covid-19, and departure to the country must take place within 72 hours of that result. However, if you can prove that you have also successfully recovered from the virus in the last 90 days, you may be permitted.

The US State Department currently advises that South Korea is designated a Level 2 Covid warning, also known as ‘exercise increased caution.’ In essence, this means that travel isn’t suspended, but it’s best to think twice about the essential nature of your trip before going.

South Korea is aware that nurturing business development during these trying times is important, and so they have allowed for limited travel to and from China provided they meet the above criteria.

The Government of South Korea has been notably competent during the Covid-19 pandemic, as despite holding a population of 51.71 million people, only 140 thousand people have tested positive, with 130 thousand of those cases having successfully recovered. Statistics are not perfectly accurate of course, but compared to many countries this is a notable result.

Finding Travel to South Korea

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