Sri Lanka – COVID 19 Travel Updates

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July 2, 2021
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Traveling to Sri Lanka – COVID-19 Updates

Sri Lanka is a gorgeous island country in South Asia, and known for its heavy tourist presence and amazing cuisine. 

It’s situated southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian sea. It’s a country defined as a multinational state, with a wide variety of ethnic groups, including Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils and Sri Lankan Moors.

The country is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean for a reason, not solely because of its incredible culture, but also because it boats the most varied biodiversity in all of Asia. 

Of course, as Covid-19 travel restrictions have been put in place to varying degrees the world over, it’s essential to know just how Sri Lanka has implemented COVID travel guidance and limits. 

Traveling to Sri Lanka after COVID-19:

Sri Lanka originally closed itself to tourists to get ahead of the pandemic and has slowly been re-opening its airports in recent months. However, it is tepidly permitting only certain countries to travel, with the pilot program starting with Ukraine.

Curfew and some travel restrictions are in place depending on where you’re from, but the US Embassy has allowed travel here but only in limited circumstances. For instance, you will need to pass a negative Covid-19 test and remain in a ‘travel bubble’ within 14 designated tourist zones, and make sure you quarantine for at least seven days within a set of 180 approved hotels upon arrival.

Finding Travel to Sri Lanka

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