Taiwan – COVID 19 Travel Updates

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Traveling to Taiwan – COVID-19 Updates

Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China, an island nation situated between Japan in the North and the Philippines in the south. The island is made up of mountain ranges and urban settlements and contains an average population of 23.57 million people. Although it has some stunning natural spaces, Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries. 

There is plenty to see and do in Taiwan for tourists and although it is a small island with a large population that only gives you more opportunity to see it all. Visit the mountains and experience city life in Taipei with sightseeing tours and excursions, or spend your days in the towns and cities exploring the history and culture of the island.

A Covid-19 Summary

In recent weeks the Chinese government has issued a travel ban from people entering Taiwan based on rising numbers of Covid cases and the emergence of the Indian strain of the virus. Based on the recent escalation of Covid numbers the Central Epidemic Command Center suspended travels on May 19. 

The measures, which include a ban on all foreign nationals entering the country unless they have special pensions or hold a R.O.C Resident Certificate, will stay in place until June 18 at the earliest. This date might shift depending on the progress of the virus and the effectiveness of vaccines. 

Covid 19 Exceptions 

Although there is a complete ban on foreign travelers into the country of Taiwan there are some exceptions. Notably, if people need to get into the country for humanitarian reasons, to attend a funeral, or to visit a family member who is critically ill, travelers can request special permissions from the CECC. 

If you need to enter Taiwan and you think you qualify as an exemption you will need to contact your local Taipei representative office for further information. If you do obtain permission to enter the country you will have to enter quarantine for a period of 14 days at a designated quarantine hotel. 

Quarantine Requirements 

As an island community with a high risk of Covid spreading fast, the Taiwan authorities have been strict about its restrictions and quarantine requirements. With the recent increase in cases and the emergence of new virus strains, it has been necessary to bring in stronger measures again. 

The quarantine rules in place at the start of the year have been reinstated with some exceptions. Three possible quarantine options are depending on your travel locations and circumstances. You can quarantine as a group, in a private residence, or at a private facility. 

Arriving in Taiwan 

As with many countries this summer travelers are required to present a negative Covid 19 PCR test to authorities. This test must be presented before boarding the flight and should be taken no more than 72 hours before entering the country. These tests must be issued by a recognized medical institution. 

The test certificates will include the passenger’s name as it appears on the passport, the date of birth and passport number of the traveller, a specimen collection date and report date, along with the testing method and test results. The test certificates must be produced in either English or Chinese. If you want to arrange business or first-class air travel to Taiwan contact Biirdee at http://biirdee.com/quote for a quote.