The Great Munich

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July 10, 2021
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July 11, 2021

While overshadowed by Berlin and Hamburg, the third largest city in Germany (and capital of Bavaria) is a veritable melting pot of beautiful sights, art, and culture unlike any other. It’s not just about art and masterpieces though, it’s also a great place to watch soccer, sample food during Oktoberfest, and drink more than your fair share of beer in the Fall! 

The Things To Do

If you want a dose of culture, but without staring at numerous paintings and sculptures, you can head to the BMW Headquarters and see how this popular brand of vehicle has developed over the years. You can see the vintage models of yesteryear, as well as motorcycles, and even aircraft! And for those that like their music, Elvis Presley’s BMW is on display here! And while soccer is as much a part of Germany as its beer, even if you have no interest in the game at all, you still need to visit the home of FC Bayern, the Allianz Arena, to experience their tour. Follow it up with some time in the museum, learning about the club’s numerous victories.

It’s Time To Eat!

We can’t talk about Munich without talking about its food. the city’s food market, the Viktualienmarkt gives you the opportunity to explore the marketplace, picking up a schnitzel or wurst to keep you satisfied during all that walking, or you can head to one of the many stores that sell cheese, tea, as well as olive oil and wine so you can make your own meals long after you’ve left the stalls! If you have a sweet tooth, the Apfelstrudel is one of the most coveted desserts of all in Germany. The tradition of making strudel by rolling dough into small, delicate sheets, filled with apple chunks or apple mouse is Germany’s take on the classic apple pie.

How Do You Get Around?

Munich has an excellent public transport system, which integrates the underground (U-Bahn) and overground (S-Bahn) trains with the buses and trams. You can purchase tickets that cover all manner of public transport, meaning you don’t need to buy tickets for each individual journey. If you want to explore the Altstadt (old city), you should do it on foot. By all means, you can explore Munich at your own pace, but there is so much to cover, you must use public transport. And as a day ticket costs €6.20, it’s value for money!

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

You might be forgiven for thinking that Germans speak excellent English everywhere, but it’s handy to have a few Bavarian phrases up your sleeve like “Grüß Gott” (a formal variation of “hello”). And while it’s easy to go for the stereotypes, especially when it comes to lederhosen, you will see them a lot more than you think! They don’t just come out for Oktoberfest; they are standard dress for many Bavarian weddings! and if you plan on visiting the famous Hofbräuhaus, be sure to avoid this famous beer hall on a Friday and Saturday night, you won’t be able to move, nor will you be able to try any of those delicious beers!