What Your Hotel Concierge Can and Can’t Do For You

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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021

When you have previously stayed at a hotel, you may have wondered what the person standing behind a desk with the word ‘concierge’ does. As a service provided by hotels (both 5-star resorts and smaller hotels), a concierge’s job is to help guests with booking tours, recommendations on where to eat nearby, etc. There are many ways that a concierge can assist you throughout your stay (whether you are on a business trip or simply enjoying a break), but they aren’t there to do your every bidding.

What a concierge can do

They can book things for you

Firstly, they can help you to get good tickets for shows nearby and book you on city tours and other excursions. If you haven’t booked an activity before travelling, you can head over to the concierge desk where they can help you to get a great deal on an activity. Giving you advice on what to do in the area and also saving you money, they are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

They can arrange a taxi for you

If you’re struggling to get a ride to your chosen destination, make your way to the desk where the concierge will assist you. They know many local taxi and chauffeur services and will know which ones are the highest rated. Just remember to give them a tip for their services.

They know the local area inside out
Pairing this with being able to book things for you, a concierge will know where is safe to visit in a city or town. This is incredibly important for those travelling alone, as you won’t want to visit any unsafe neighborhoods or areas. They want to provide the best possible customer service to you and to ensure that you are safe throughout your stay at the hotel.

What a concierge can’t do

Tell you if VIPs are staying at the hotel

If you think you saw a celebrity staying at the hotel and want to ask or to even see if there is one currently staying there, you can’t ask the concierge. Well, you can but they won’t tell you. They may be the contact between you and the hotel, but they are discreet and want to keep the celebrities stay as private as possible.

Ask them to help you with illegal activities

You may see them as your friend, but a concierge is still a professional who is just doing their everyday job. You shouldn’t ask them to help you to find drugs or anything of the sort in the local area. This is putting their job and yourself in danger.

Book tours or tickets to shows that are sold out

Even though they are a great amenity when it comes to booking last-minute activities, at the end of the day they aren’t miracle workers. If a show or tour has sold out, chances are they won’t be able to obtain tickets for you. If they have any contacts that can help they will inform you, but if not unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be.