When to Save and When to Splurge on Hotels

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June 28, 2021
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When to Save and When to Splurge on Hotels

Life is expensive, but everyone likes to experience luxury every once in a while. When it comes to travelling, it would be amazing to be able to stay in 5-star resorts all the time, but for those living in a world when you can’t afford opulence at every turn it may not be possible. So when should you save on hotels and when should you push the boat out?

When to save

If the location isn’t a top priority

Often, people don’t mind compromising on the location. If you are sticking to a budget and are not bothered about getting the train/bus/taxi into the city center, you can often spend less on the hotel. This way, it gives you more money to spend on the rest of your trip.

If you would prefer to stay in an Airbnb/Homestay/VRBO

A popular choice nowadays is to stay in a rented home. By booking it through Airbnb or VRBO, you can get an entire place to yourself and it is often cheaper than booking a hotel. However, the more central, luxurious and spacious they are, the more expensive. Homestay is another service favored by many because of how enriching the experience can be. As you will be living with the homeowner, this could be a great learning experience, or awkward, depending your personality and that of your host.

If you are going for a short break/in the winter

If you’re going for a quick business trip or getaway and don’t mind forfeiting luxury for convenience, a budget hotel may be the way forward. Similarly, if you’re travelling in the winter and its cold outside, you don’t really need to book a hotel with an outdoor pool and other outdoor amenities. This will help narrow down the choices and help with your budget.

When to splurge

Special occasions

This might go without saying, but when it comes to booking a hotel when it is for a special occasion, most people will splurge. Now, it’s not all about being materialistic or simply sabout taying in a luxury hotel for a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or another occasion—it’s about a unique experience with the best amenities and service. As most people don’t experience this often, a 5-star hotel (or even 4 star) is a great way to celebrate. As this is a one off too, it will make it that bit more special.

If it’s a treat on the last night

If for the rest of the holiday you’ve been budgeting and staying at a cheaper hotel, it might be a nice idea to experience a night in luxury at a top-rated hotel. This is a wonderful way to spend your last night and ends the holiday in a high note.

If only the best hotels are in the center

Often, the hotels that are located in the center of the city are not only the most luxurious but also carry a hefty price tag. If you want a hotel that’s within easy reach of all the local amenities, if you can, it may be worth splurging out. You can then save money elsewhere, perhaps eating at more casual restaurants.