Should You Pay Extra for Airline Lounges? Pros & Cons

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July 2, 2021
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Should You Pay Extra for Airline Lounges? Pros & Cons

Flying is an uncomfortable experience for many. You can spend a long time waiting in lines, you’re sharing a small amount of space with a lot of people, and you can often find yourself bored with nothing to do. When you’re traveling for business, you can also end up desperately looking for an internet connection or just a comfortable chair so that you can get some work done. If you’re on a business trip, an airport lounge can be the perfect solution. However, if you look at the prices, you might wonder whether it’s worth paying extra to get into an airport lounge.

Airport Lounges: What Can They Deliver?

Airport lounges can vary in what they provide for you. They can often be aimed at business travelers, but many are comfortable places for families and other travelers too. When you head to an airport lounge, you get away from the crowds of the airport. It’s a quieter place to wait for your flight. Some lounges are reserved for first class or business passengers. Others will let in anyone who has booked and paid. Some benefits might include a bar, power outlets, free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating.

The Pros of Airline Lounges

There are plenty of advantages to using an airport lounge. The main benefit is that you get access to facilities that others don’t have. You can find somewhere comfortable to sit, and often have the benefit of table instead of trying to balance your laptop on your knees. Drinks and snacks are often included in the price or cost less than other airport outlets. Business travelers can benefit from power outlets and Wi-Fi so that they can get some work done and use their waiting time wisely. Some lounges even have showers and quiet rooms where you can take a much need nap. It’s particularly good to use a lounge when your flight is delayed.

The Cons of Airline Lounges

Airport lounges also have some negative points. Even though they should theoretically offer a quiet place to go, some lounges can still be very busy. If the lounge is crowded, you might still be able to find a seat, but you could be waiting longer for drinks and have to put up with more noise. If you decide to take your family on your business trip, which some travelers choose to do, take note that not all lounges are family friendly. In fact, they tend to be geared toward business travelers.

Should You Pay Extra for Airport Lounges?

If you want to be sure that you’ll have somewhere to sit and perhaps do some work, paying for access to an airport lounge is a smart idea. However, you might not even need to pay to get into a lounge. Sometimes you will get access with your flight if you have a first class or business ticket. Some credit cards also allow access into airport lounges under particular brands, such as Centurion. If you travel a lot, a membership to a popular lounge brand could be a good investment.

Airport lounges aren’t essential, but they are a good idea if you want to be as comfortable as possible when you travel.