Visiting Israel

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July 5, 2021
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July 5, 2021

Israel is a fantastic country for anyone looking for a unique vacation experience. There are many unique historic and religious landmarks to visit, delicious food to sample and also a beautiful landscape that is diverse, breathtaking and makes for fantastic pictures.

Reasons to Visit Israel

If you’re here for the quick summary, then here are some great reasons to visit Israel for a holiday.

  1. The Dead Sea is known as the lowest place on Earth, but it’s also fascinatingly unique because it’s virtually impossible to swim in it. The salt content means you’ll just float which makes for some amazing photographs and the mud around the dead sea has many beneficial skin properties.
  2. Israel has a bustling nightlife scene and is surprisingly open to the LGBTQ world, hosting the second-biggest Gay Pride parade in the world in Tel Aviv. If you’re into partying and having a great time making new friends, then Israel is a wonderful place to visit.
  3. Whether you visit the Negev Desert in the South of Israel or the green landscape of Galilee in the North, there is diverse scenery that is absolutely worth visiting.

Attractions in Israel

Israel has some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. From Jerusalem with its incredibly religious significance to Tel Aviv’s modern culture, you can get a wide spectrum of different cultures, tastes and sounds here in Israel. The Hanging Gardens of Haifa is a stunning place to visit with some of the world’s most interesting garden designs, The Western Wall is one of the most iconic holy sites in Israel and even the Jaffa Flea Market is worth a visit for its unique antique stores and quirky eateries. Jerusalem’s central market is also a must-visit location if you love to see all of the unique goods and delicious street food snacks on offer. Of course, we also can’t forget the Dead Sea with its supposed healing powers that can reinvigorate your skin thanks to its salt-filled waters and nourishing mud.

Food in Israel

Whether you’re a budding foodie or just looking for cheap and filling eats, Israel has it all. One of the most famous food items on the menu here is hummus, the delicious spreadable dip that goes well with many different dishes her in Israel. There’s also a variety of different cheese such as fried halloumi and creamy cottage cheese, and you’ll find plenty of fish and lamb dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, chocolates from the IKA boutique are a must-try as well as kanafeh pastries.

Staying in Israel

Israel has some unique places to stay at such as desert huts and camp lodges near the Dead Sea, but if you’re just looking for a standard form of accommodation then there are many hotels and guesthouses around.

Israel Travel Tips

Israel is a beautiful country with an amazing culture and lots of things to do, but here are a couple of travel tips to keep in mind.

  • Israel isn’t a cheap location to live or travel in, so make sure you pack some extra funds!
  • Public transport is very accessible, but there’s also a local Uber alternative known as Gett which we absolutely recommend for getting around.
  • Be careful with dress codes. While Israel is a very open country, there are certain places (such as religious landmarks) that will require you to adhere to a strict dress code.